4. Meeting

For us it is not about material belongings, pride or ego, but about people who make us think!

4. Meeting on Thursday, 01. October 2015 at Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee.

My intuition, during the founding of a non-profit organization, to only ask my female friends to accompany me, on this journey, was that I always wanted to be honest, wanted to know how the others feel, among people, who don’t claim to be superior to others, who aren’t pretentious…

It turned out that the decision was the right one. Friendships are a never-ending source of energy for us women!
It is time to be aware of women power. However, the sister of power is responsibility, so we must use our strength to make good, to present a helpful and generous example to men and the rest of society.

To do good, to be good, to be helpful, to feel strongly connected to others, to support the growing of the most vulnerable population in all societies: children.

We have the mission to not only make the world a tiny bit better, but much better!

During our Oktoberfest (with husbands, partners and friends) we donated 742 Euros!

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