Campus Rütli CR² in Neukölln

Campus Rütli CR² in Neukölln

The project tries to successfully realize integration through education in the neighborhood of Neukölln.

Intercultural Moderation as an Intervention Strategy

Already in 2005, preliminary works for a local educational association begun in the Neukölln district management Reuterplatz. As an intervention strategy, intercultural moderation  was developed in autumn 2005 and was implemented with intercultural moderators at four schools in March 2006, including the Rütli-Schule.

Development of Transferable Solution Strategies 

Since May 2007, the Neukölln district-mayor and the endowment Zukunft Berlin pursue the idea of “Campus Rütli”, as a model-project with the aim to not limit the work to an examination of existing problems, but to the development of transferable solution strategies.

Realization of a New Educational Concept

The aim was the exemplary realization of a new educational concept and the creation of a common social space.
Since the beginning of the school year 2008/2009, the Heinrich-Heine-Realschule, the Rütli-Hauptschule and the Franz-Schubert-Grundschule – merged together to a communal school on the Campus Rütli. The two day-care centres and the youth club on Rütlistraße are ever-since growing together with a joint responsibility.

Support for Parents, Children and Adolescents

The success of Campus Rütli means that for the first time all institutions of the care, upbringing and education of young people cooperate and share a common responsibility. Coordinated actions between the different professions maximises the support for parents, children and adolescents, who are invited to help form this process.


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