Kinderhilfe Fortaleza e.V.

In the centre of the work of Kinderhilfe Fortaleza e.V. stands the children from the slum of Fortaleza, a city in the north-east of Brazil.

The work of Kinderhilfe Fortaleza e.V. stands on three pillars:

Education, health and joy.

Since 1995 the Kinderhilfe Fortaleza (until 2011 under the name “Brasilienprojekt”) allows children from disadvantaged social background to receive a complete school education and medical basic care. The project also organizes leisure activities for children and their families.

Besides the financial and material help, Kinderhilfe Fortaleza acts as a steady and reliable contact for  the children as well as their parents and families.

The aim of Kinderhilfe Fortaleza e.V. is to support and encourage the children to use the chances they have in life and to build up their own future.


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