Association for the support of the Klinik für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Berlin

The association promotes and supports the organization of the Tagesklinik and the clinic for children suffering from cancer in the Charité, Campus Virchow-Klinikum in Berlin and, furthermore, the investigation of the therapies and the therapy results of the illnesses as well as therapy costs, travel expenses, catering subsidies, prosthesis costs, units of stored blood, drugs, burials, rehabilitation cost subsidies, clothes, alternative practitioners, costs for therapy results, birthday parties, physiotherapy as well as many children wishes are fulfilled.
In addition, the association supports science equipment and research projects in the stem cell lab of the children cancer research centre “KINDerLEBEN”.
In this sector the association grants financial aid for medical, lab-technical and personnel equipment, as well as for the acquisitions, which make the life easier for children with the illness.

The association pursues no own economic goals.

Task of the association is also to realize projects that make the children’s life with the illness easier and to encourage the healing process. “KINDerLEBEN also supports the external child service and offers direct aid to the families of the affected children.
The complete donations and inheritances are used to help the children suffering from cancer in Berlin directly or indirectly – e. g. , for research projects of the Charité–!

The aim of the association

The aim of the association is to develop projects, which help the relief of the children’s  illness and, perhaps, influence quicker healing. They also support the external child services and help families with affected children directly.


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