Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We are not ambitious or conventional women, we are not tough or cold.

We are women with empathyheart and goodness.

We meet on a peer to peer level, with respect.

We recognize that happiness is more than the realization of selfish aims, that personal luck and satisfaction are strongly connected to the well-being of the person next to me, of the people in my near and broader sphere. 

We believe women play crucial roles in social communities.

They cherish values of generosity and mutual aid that they promote in the leadership roles they play in various fields of society.

The women of our Charity correspond to this example.

We want the donations to come from a sincere desire to help. Therefore, we are supported financially by small, voluntary donations of our friends. 


The following maxim points out very well what is really important in life.                                                                                                                                                        We reflect on the essentials, as people, as women, while respecting one of the most important sentences for us:

“We help, and make friends through helping,

and never, ever, take advantage of those friends.”



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