Who are we, what do we do?

What is w4c?

women4children is a Charity organization

The legal form from women4children is a gGmbH (charitable GmbH).

It has a director and a manager.

Everything else is like with a GmbH – manager, director, capital equipment, liability, accounting duties etc.

Diverging from the GmbH, the gGmbH is allowed to give donation receipts that are tax deductibles!


What does women4children do?

The duties of women4children

  • Collect donations 
  • Distribute the donations


This is the typical job of fundraisers in contrast to relief organizations.


The aims of women4children are:

The support of children’s funds and child relief organizations, charitable incorporated societies, endowments and other charitable organizations that act exclusively to help children.

Statute of women4children gGmbH: 

The statute intends a worldwide support of different child relief organizations

Prioritization occurs through efficiency, costs and aims, not through regions

The aims of women4children are achieved with the following means:

  • Collect donations through events
  • Collect donations through projects (calendar project, art project, pink dinner etc.)
  • Collect donations in restaurants
  • Collect donations (no matter how, where or when)


Explanation of the differences between a relief organization and a fundraiser

Relief organization (exemplary list)

  • Builds houses
  • Restores kindergartens
  • Creates school projects / Restores schools


Collects donations for relief organizations

Distributes donations to relief organizations


Fundraisers only collect donations, however, they provide no humanitarian or direct assistance.

Relief organizations provide direct assistance to the population in need. It is their priority and the collecting of donations is a necessary job on the side, which fundraisers help with.


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