We have so much

We have so much

We really live in a profit and abundant society.

Our whole striving is aimed on material growth, increase of prosperity and wealth.

Intrinsic values often remain in distance. Not taking a day off work, when it is the birthday of a good friend, of your own children or parents, is the best example.

In our economical world it is unusual and not accepted even to take a day off because of a family birthday during the week.

Informal values, human relations, and the value of people close to you are accepted and understood less than the striving for profit and success.


Where does this lead us?

Towards psychic and psychosomatic illnesses, towards the loss of human connections, towards a marriage separation rate of nearly 50%, towards patchwork families, which are extremely difficult to handle for everyone involved.

Does the striving for prosperity, wealth and success get us an increase in luck and satisfaction?
By no means.

The easy sentence:

„Giving is more blessed than taking“

holds a lot of truth.

We don’t find satisfaction and luck by what we win, but by what we give.

For some people, wealth and prosperity and the striving for it becomes their illness.
This addiction and search is only “topped” by power.

The putative “luck”, which leaves only a small taste at the end of life, might remind of a situation after a drunken stupor.

Many wealthy or rich people have recognized long ago that prosperity and wealth mean social responsibility, that luck and satisfaction walk along, unavoidably, with generosity, magnanimity and empathy.

There are more and more wealthy people like Bill and Melinda Gates who have recognized that it doesn’t feel better to become even richer, however, feels very good to give from their wealth.
How much every one of us can or may give, they have to decide for themselves.

The fact firmly stands that, in a country like Germany, and in almost every European state, each of us can deliver a small or very small portion of income monthly, without suffering from it.


How much this is for an individual is always a question of conscience.



Solidarity and responsibility – goes only voluntarily



Taxes are an enforced form of solidarity. States oblige their citizens to the payment of a certain portion of gained income to finance community serving projects.

Solidarity is voluntary, self-determined, immanent willingness to help people.

Thus, voluntary engagement in every way really releases positive feelings, while taxation systems cause negative feelings.


If societies want to obtain responsibility of individuals by requiring a part of each citizen gained income, this aim is only achievable with higher transparency.
With open-minded, empathic and responsible individuals,  this leads to voluntary money contributions that help people with difficult situations or prospects and guarantees a more humane existence.

Who acts responsibly, gives voluntarily.

Solidarity, responsibility, empathy and sharing are the fundamentals of every society.
Selfish aims and motives lead to the destruction of every society including the nature, living conditions and prospects.


Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Nachricht.


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